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Let me assist your organization in guiding, encouraging and engaging your staff to empowerment and self-awareness

trainings that leaders should want for the organization and staff 

Communication Skills

The way we communicate will determine how our interactions evolve with other people.  It can be positive or negative based on our choice of words, our body language and our tone. 

Leadership Styles

To be a good leadership we must know what type of leader we are and how we lead.  By finding out our strengths and what we need to work on, we can improve our team management.


Conflict between staff can create a workforce barrier.  With mediation we can transform that relationship to find mutually acceptable terms, promote dialogue and find the root cause to resolve the issue.  


Coaching is for every individual who wants to improve.  Coaching can be a soft skill that needs adjusting or learning how to manage our time more efficiently.  It can be learning how to effectively run a meeting or finding ways to engage staff.  Coaching is an individual experience, set up just for the individual.

Difficult Conversations

We all have difficult conversations at work.  It may involve peer to peer conversations or be in a supervisor role, addressing staff issues.  Learning how to navigate the conversations can lead to a positive interaction for all involved.  


A strong self-concept is necessary for good communication.  It will determine how you treat your co- workers, supervisors, and others.  


There are workplace boundaries that need to be in place.  We learn how to interpret gestures, inform without hurting, language and word choice to use, collusion and social contact to list a few.  What are your acceptable boundaries?  

Multi-Generational Workforce

There are five generation in the workforce today.  Learning how to communicate and accommodate by generation is a great start to a positive interact with staff.  Every generation has a preferred way of communicating. Do you know what it is?


What is self-care?  Self-care is about knowing where and why you react the way you do.  Self-care is about learning to handle our stress and what causes it.  By focusing on the cause of stress and learning to manage it, we can lead a healthier, happier life.  


Successful Collaborations

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My Story

I am a result-driven leader with a comprehensive management background within the public and private sectors. My skill set encompasses a full spectrum of business modalities such as organizational development, training & development, one on one and team coaching, strategic planning, mediation, and learning management system administrator. I have proven business acumen in designing solutions and strategic plans that have attained commendable outcomes. 


During my career, I have consistently exhibited leadership abilities in driving organizational operations, directing multidisciplinary teams, managing complex projects from inception to completion.  I have exceptional communication skills, with expertise in initiating business relationships, delivering influential presentations, and engaging in successful mediations.

I have a passion for helping people grow and develop, and I am committed to creating meaningful learning opportunities that will have a positive and lasting impact on individuals and organizations.  I look forward to having a conversation with you on how I can best serve your needs.

                                                         Best Regards,


My Experience

Swanton, VT

Social Emotional Learning Coordinator - Middle/Senior High School


  • Facilitate and support the social-emotional and behavioral growth of middle and senior school students through effective problem-solving within the school’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

  • Use the Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) ideology when appropriate

  • Initiate, conduct and manage Harassment, Hazing and Bullying (HHB) complaints, investigations, determinations and communications, and along with administration, determine outcomes.

  • Determine if behavior is HHB or Title IX for investigations

  • Work directly with faculty and staff to encourage collaboration, idea sharing, and to ensure best practices are followed when dealing with student behavioral concerns and social-emotional skill development

  • Coaching of professional and support staff on universal SEL, PBIS and behavior related strategies

  • Collection, analysis and presentation of SEL and behavior related data

  • Active participation in Universal Team meetings (Behavior team support, EST support, Threat Assessment Team Support, Act 51 Team Support)

  • Collaboration with SEL-related teams including the school’s Clinical Team, Behavior Support Team, School Counselors, Psychologist, and Behavior Consultants

  • Consultation with staff and teams for individual students, as needed and requested

  • Work one on one with students on SEL related issues using Suite 360 software


Lafayette, CO

Training and Development Specialist

2022 - 2023

  • Conducts annual training and developmental needs assessments for 700 staff members and 500 contractors

  • Develops training and development programs and objectives

  • Prepares and implements training budget

  • Obtains and/or develops effective training materials using a variety of media/VILT, ILT, e-learning

  • Trains and coaches managers, supervisors and others involved in employee development efforts

  • Plans, organizes, facilitates employee development and training events

  • Develops and maintains organizational communications such as newsletter articles and emails to
    ensure employees have knowledge of training and development events and resources.

  • Conducts follow-up studies of all completed training to evaluate and measure results

  • Maintains accurate records of training and development activities, attendance, results of tests and
    assessments, and retraining requirements.

  • Learning Management System (LMS) Administrator/management and reporting for all 1200 individuals on LMS system

  • Advance knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite/Adobe/Captivate/Canva/Camtasia/Schoox/Articulate

  • Works effectively as a team member with other members of management, HR and IT

  • Benefits Orientation/Kaiser Well-being/Changes

  • FMLA

  • 403.B plan

Longmont, CO


2017 - 2022

  • Leverage leadership expertise to direct daily operations and supervise personnel for the multi-entity organization

  • Initiate organizational goals, develop policies, and execute short/long-term business strategies

  • Areas of oversight included planning, implementing, and administering HR policy and procedures, employee relations, recruitment, retention, training and development, performance management compensation, payroll and benefit administration

  • Develop policies, and execute short/long-term business strategies

  • Preside over a full spectrum of cross-functional processes, including product management, financial administration, e-commerce, social event coordination, and customer service and community outreach

  • Consistently facilitate optimal product quality and customer experiences

  • Design, develop and manage multiple e-commerce sites

  • Serve as a central contact for all local, state, and federal communications

  • Initiated the multi-faceted business from the ground up and steered it to profitability

Longmont, CO

Presentation Design Specialist and Instructor

2007 - Present

  • Deliver compelling presentations for a multi-demographic and diverse audiences

  • Customize training lessons and provide training across in-person, virtual instructor-led, asynchronous and blended learning platforms

  • Conveyed engaging presentations at multiple well-attended conferences of 300 individuals and above

  • Created individualized and group learning programs for companies

  • Experienced with ADDIE, SAM and KEMP Training Models

  • Experienced in LMS documentations

  • Advanced Knowledge of PowerPoint, Articulate, Camtasia, Prezi, Keynote and Canva

  • Expert in training multi-generational workforce


Longmont, CO

Master Police Officer/Detective

2002 - 2019

  • Exhibited managerial skills by delegating investigations and overseeing multiple concurrent cases

  • 10 years in Detective Division/80-120 cases a year min with 90% Felony case/several cases Multi-Agency

        and State cases

  • Crafted and presented trainings to a diverse community, non-profit organizations, public and the private sector

  • Conducted thorough investigations, which entailed analyzing situations and generating detailed reports

  • Participated in recruiting, background investigations, hiring process and interviewing candidates for positions

  • State and Federal court and litigation experience

  • 85-89% confession rate during interviews

  • SME in Sex Assaults, Crimes Against Children, Domestic Violence, Rapport Building, Communication, and Investigations

  • Community liaison for several groups

  • Recruitment/Job Fairs/Hiring Process

  • Crisis Invention Teams Coach (CIT)

  • Certified Child Forensic Interviewer

  • Certified Voice Stress Analysis operator 

  • Liaison for several outside organizations (DV shelter, Child Advocacy Center and Department of Housing and Human Services)

 Longmont, CO

Chief Executive Officer

2013 - 2018

  • Spearheaded executive operations and supervised a cohesive team of 10-25 presenters

  • Conducted needs assessment and root cause analysis to improve performance and/or address systemic issues

  • Constructed impactful risk management program for the public and private sectors

  • Built a motivated expert team to execute exemplary training to participants across various training platforms

  • Provided guidance on eliminating company liability, fortifying positive employee experiences, enforcing regulatory compliance, and ensuring quality customer service

  • Over 350 Instructional design and presentations provided covering different objectives, topics and platforms

  • Managed all mandatory government reports and licenses

Mead, CO​

Formed Right Concrete



  • Led business operations, financial management, productivity and safety operations and capital expenditure program

  • Established organizational direction and crafted a strategic business growth plan

  • Hired staff and implemented self-directed work teams

  • Cultivated relationships with contractors and government officials

  • Initiated policies and procedures focused on organizational safety

  • Conducted routine quality audits to ensure work was on schedule and on budget

  • Served as a strategic HR resource and coach for all managers and leaders

  • Responsible for all employee relations which included team building, training and leadership

  • Maintained contract oversight and implemented all associated negotiations and budgeting for projects

  • Handled all EEOC, OSHA, Workers Comp claims, complaints and investigations



Denver, CO

  •  Master of Arts: Organizational Management (2017)

  •  Master of Arts: Communication and Conflict (2017)

  •  Bachelor of Arts: Liberal Arts (2015, Magna Cum Laude)


professional trainings


3rd Annual Crimes Against Children Conference, Wyoming - Child Rapport Building

14th Annual Victim Services Conference, Wyoming - Domestic Violence

Risk Management for City of Longmont

Personal Safety and Awareness

Rapport Building

Leadership Development

Employee Engagement

Training the Multigenerational Workforce


Non-verbal Communication


Multi-generational Workforce

Leadership Training Step to be Successful

Communication Workshop

What Type of Leader are You?

Volunteer Work

Member - Board of Directors

  •  Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley -7 years (3 years as President of the Board)


  • Citizens Review Team-Boulder County - 2 years


  • Boulder County Department of Housing and Human Services - 8 years

Presentation Design and Instruction​

  • Over 650 presentations on Safety Awareness for the community, for profit, and non-profit organizations - 15 years

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